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Custom Hotspot Icons
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Under Icon Gallery, there are numerous icon options that you can choose from and use over your interactive images.

But in case you do not find in those provided icons the ones you need for a specific use case, there is the possibility to upload one or multiple images and use them as hotspot icons.

To do that you need to click on the image if you want to add a new hotspot, or click on an existing one if you want to change the icon.

Then click on Upload Icon and that will open a popup where you can simply drag and drop your icons or click to upload them from your computer.

Then click Done and the icons will appear under All Custom.

Optional: If you have multiple icons and want to organize them, you can use our Add Tag to icon functionality and put the icons under specific tags.

The icons that have one or multiple tags assigned will appear grouped under each corresponding tag and still appear all together under All Custom.

You can also watch this video tutorial to better understand how to add your own custom icons into the icon gallery and use them in all existing or future interactive images.

For any questions or details, you are welcome to email [email protected], our support staff is happy to help.

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