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How To Make A Survey (Basic)
How To Make A Survey (Basic)

Basic instructions on how to make a survey.

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When you open up a new survey project, you will see the following screen:

Click on "Create from scratch" to create your survey from scratch:

Setting Your Project Title, Headline and Subhead

When you click "Create from scratch", the survey maker will automatically pull up the question window. Click on the "x" in the upper right hand corner to close the question window so you can set your Project Title, Headline, and Subhead. 

The Title / Description (formerly headline / subhead) window allows you to set a Project Title (an internal title that only you will see) and Survey title. You can also include an image with the title. 

You can also set a description, add image, and insert a logo with the Title / description window.

Finally, the Title / Decription window is where you can edit your logo alignment on the survey. 

Press the green "Save" button when you are finished. 

Entering Your Questions

Click on the "Add Q&A" button to open the question window. 

Click on "Add New Question" to add questions or "Create" next to Create New Page to create a page for your survey. We are going to focus on questions first.

Clicking on "Add New Question" will open the add questions window. We have many different survey questions to choose from that you can learn more about in your Question Types article. We will go over the individual settings for each question type in a separate article. 

Adding a Page

Adding and editing a page in DilogR is very simple. Click on the Create button next to the Create New Page option. 

New pages will automatically populate at then end of your question or page list. However, it is easy to move pages by clicking and dragging them to your desired location. This works for questions as well. 

Click the "Edit" option right below the "Page:" to edit your page. You can edit the page title and page description. People use pages to include a longer introduction for their survey or to break up questions. Pages don't need a title or description for the survey to work.

My survey examples shows a new page after question two and question 3. You can also see a page at the beginning of the survey (Outlined in green). That marks the first page of the survey. 

Click the small "x" in the upper right hand corner of he Question window to finish editing pages and windows. 

Customizing Your Survey

The menu at the top of the survey maker screen allows you to customize your survey. 

Click on "Background" to edit the outside background color, the boarder color, the inner background color, boarder witch and boarder radius. You can also upload images. Don't forget to click save when you are finished.

Click on Headline to edit the headline of your survey. You can change the font style, size and color. You can also Bold your title, Italicize, and underline it. Finally, you can set title alignment. Don't forget to click save when you are finished.

The Headline editing options are also available under Subhead, Questions and Answers. 

Click on "Buttons" to open up the button editor. The button editor allows you to edit the button text, font style, font size, font color, button color, button size, and the padding. Make sure to click the button you want to edit before editing that button. 

Progress Bar

Open the "Customize" window to access the "Setup Structure". The "Setup Structure" is where you can turn on the progress bar. This is also where you can edit "Question Browsing" settings and next / back button settings.

Lead Capture 

You can find and edit the lead capture form under the Customize tab.

There are many different ways you can customize your lead capture form. You can pick where you want your lead capture form to show up in the survey (red). You can also decided what fields to include in your lead capture form (green). Also, we give you the option to add a custom lead field (blue). Check out our How Do I Add Custom Lead Forms? article to learn more

The bottom half of the "Lead Capture Settings" window gives you the option to edit the upper text of your lead form, customize the privacy policy text and link, and also gives you access to GDPR.

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