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Scored Quizzes + Part 4: How To Distribute Your Quiz
Scored Quizzes + Part 4: How To Distribute Your Quiz

Distribute Module

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Now that you’ve created a beautiful quiz using DilogR, it’s time to show off your masterpiece! DilogR makes it easy to embed your quiz onto your own site or you can choose DilogR’s microsite hosting. Both are popular options.

Now let’s show off your hard work!


URL Settings

You can use DilogR’s default assigned URL or you can change the link to a custom URL to make it more identifiable.


Distributing your Advanced Scored Quiz with DilogR is easy as can be. You can utilize any option you like now and change it later on.

The first option is to let DilogR host your quiz. Just copy the link and send it out. You can even customize the end of the URL to make it more user friendly. Either use the method above or click on the custom URL as shown below to change the ending.

The second option is to embed your quiz directly to your website to make it a seamless part of your site. You have three ways to embed your code: Javascript, Simple iFrame, or via Popup.

— Javascript

This is the most commonly used form of embedding. With just a few simple clicks, you’ll have your embed code.

First, decide whether you want your quiz questions to appear one by one or on all one page and then choose the size. DilogR provides a default size that is commonly used.

Is your quiz going to be on a membership site? DilogR offers a wide selection of the most popular: CustomerHub, iMember360, Memberium, Wishlist, PilotPress, JoomFuse, and Other. Next, if your site uses https, be sure this box is checked.

Once you’ve made your selections, the corresponding code appears in the text box. Just copy it and embed it on your site!

— Simple iFrame

Follow the same instructions above to get your iFrame embed code.

— Popup

If you want your quiz to appear in a light box above your site, then the Popup code is the one to use. Most of the instructions are the same as the other two embed code methods but with one important difference: the button to activate your popup. Choose to either upload your own image or let DilogR do the work for you by supplying our default image.

QR Code

A QR Code is a mobile phone readable bar code that can store your quiz URL. QR codes are gaining steam and the sky’s the limit on the creative possibilities. DilogR makes it easy to utilize this fast-growing marketing tool by providing a direct link to your QR code or the HTML image code so you can embed it on your website.

Share Project

You can share your DilogR project with another DilogR user. If you give full access they can modify any part of the project that you share with them.


In addition to normal links, banners and email promos, your affiliates can embed tagged DilogR quizzes directly on their site to generate qualified affiliate tagged leads for you! Simply choose which platform you’ll be using for your affiliates, fill in the parameters and copy and paste the code into an email or use a DilogR-hosted link.

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