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Scored Quizzes + Part 2: How To Customize Your Quiz
Scored Quizzes + Part 2: How To Customize Your Quiz

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DilogR allows you to create customized feedback based on individual answers as well as provide feedback based on the overall score or on different sections of the assessment. You can present this feedback to the quiz taker on the Thank You page and/or in a Custom PDF report that you email them after they complete the quiz.


Lead Capture

DilogR has a full-featured lead capture form that allows you to acquire not only the standard email address and first and last names, but also other built-in lead fields. You can also decide on when you want to capture your leads: at the beginning or end of the quiz, or even the choice not to capture any lead information.

If you want to add fields that are not listed, then you can add custom fields by clicking on the Add New Lead Field and adding in the parameters that you need.

Take advantage of the Upper Text option to entice your quiz participants to provide their info. Examples include access to their persona, quiz results, a free ebook, etc.

If you will be sending your quiz out via email to your current list, you can choose the Hide opt-in form if form fields are present in URL Parameter. Many platforms provide their unique parameters to use in the URL you use when sending out an email. For example, an Infusionsoft URL to pull in email address and first name from your database would look like this:

Using that format, along with checking the Hide opt-in form option, hides the lead capture form from your audience. If you have a membership site, like CustomerHub for example, you could use this method to capture the leads and know where they are in your course material without having them fill out the form over and over again for various quizzes you may have.

Clicking the Toggle Advanced Options provides the option to change the look of your buttons in your quizzes. Use this option to coordinate with the colors of your brand.

And as always, be sure to SAVE!

Email Settings

You can set up an autoresponder email to be sent from the DilogR system after someone completes your quiz. This is a great opportunity to say thank you to your customers and friends for their feedback and give them any rewards or results that you promised.

Simply enter your name and address in the FROM fields, include a subject line, and create your autoresponder using the HTML editor to customize the look of the email and add any coupon/reward images.

Quick Tip: Many email programs use their own default font so we’ve found that it’s best to just use the default font settings in the editor. This applies to just the font face, not the font size.

Tip: Be sure to check Enable Autoresponder or no one will receive their email after taking the quiz!

You can personalize your email autoresponder by inserting Merge Fields, such as a person’s score, their first name, recommendations based on their answers, etc. Simply place your cursor where you want to insert the merge field and click the appropriate field from the drop down box and it will be inserted into the text field.

You can also set up when you want the autoresponder to be sent after the quiz has been filled out. The most commonly used setting is 0-1 minute.

Rather than inserting the results in the autoresponder, many people use the downloadable report feature to showcase the results and include their sales copy. You also have the option of sending that PDF to Infusionsoft’s Filebox.

It’s best to format your text after you have entered all of your copy in its entirety rather than formatting as you go.

Again, you can use DilogR’s powerful merge feature to include a person’s score, their first name, recommendations based on their answers, etc. You can also include a name of the PDF file. For instance, if you are tracking employee information, you can use their email address, first or last name, or even a project name to be included in the file to make it easier to search later on.

Set-up Structure

The set-up structure allows you to select certain features of how you want your quiz to work:

  • Question Browsing: You can choose to show your questions one by one or all on one page.

  • Show Progress Bar: Helps your participant see where they are in the quiz process.

  • Do not show “next” button for radio button questions: This is a great feature that allows your user to be automatically forwarded to the next question after answering a radio button type question. Very popular on mobile devices.

  • Allow a Back Button: This option allows a user to go back and change an answer.

  • Autonumber: This automatically inserts numbers next to your questions.

Thank You Page

There are four options under this icon: Assessment, Links, Map Location, and HTTP Request. We are going to cover the most commonly used one: Assessment. (The other three choices are being phased out of DilogR in an upcoming redesign.)

— Assessment

Once someone completes your quiz, you have complete control over where they go immediately after clicking that Submit button, signifying that they’re done. You can choose to provide a simple thank you and let them know to expect their results via email, you can provide the results on the thank you page, or you can completely bypass DilogR’s thank you page and send them to a designated page on your site.

Tip: Be sure to check Enable Thank You Page to avoid the dreaded blank white page immediately after someone completes your quiz!

DilogR allows you to personalize your thank you page by inserting Merge Fields, such as a person’s score, their first name, recommendations based on their answers, etc. Simply place your cursor where you want to insert the merge field and click the appropriate field from the drop down box and it will be inserted into the thank you text field.

— Show Polling Statistics on the Thank You Page

Use this option to include a graph on the thank you page to show how everyone responded.

— Advanced Options

Stats can be shown for all questions or one question at a time. You can also choose if you want someone to take the survey/quiz again or take them to a stats page.

New feature: Downloadable PDF Report in Thank You Page

Some DilogR clients choose not to capture email addresses and would rather have their user read their results on the thank you page and then create a PDF of that page. Choosing this option opens up a text box where you can enter the text you want to be in the PDF — best practices would be to just copy what you have in the above thank you page text area and paste it below.

— Thank You Page Behavior

The default setting to show your thank you page is to replace your quiz immediately after the user is done.

Convert Project

If you have created one type of quiz and want to change the Project Type using the same questions, then you can quickly choose the new type and click Save.

Exit Pop-up

This option allows you to add an exit popup to your project. An exit popup is a dialog box that shows up when the user wants to leave the page. FYI: This DilogR feature is being phased out as many browsers now overwrite the settings and use their own.

Social Share

— Social Buttons

As you know, social media is one of the best ways to share your quiz. The Social Share feature has settings for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After a person takes your quiz, they can use the share icons on their thank you page to share the quiz with friends on one of the social media networks. You can also select an image to appear as part of your social media posts.

— Advanced Options

Enter the URL that will be shared when someone uses a share icon. As it shows, if you are using the DilogR URL, keep the default setting. If you are embedding the quiz on your site, use that URL.

— Preview Social Media Posts

Preview gives you the option to view how others will see the shared post. Choose a quiz score and then select one of the icons to view the result.

Translate Project

DilogR offers the ability to change commonly used text of the quiz, such as Required, into a different language.

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