What is a Personality or Outcome Quiz?
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A personality quiz (also called outcome quiz)  is the type of quiz you see at the sites like Buzzfeed and Facebook.  Questions at this type of quizzes don’t have a right or wrong answer. They can not.  People answer questions and then they get a persona/personality (outcome) based on HOW they respond.  These are quizzes like “Which Disney Character Are You?” and “What City Should You Actually Live In?”.

Basically you match each answer with one or more “personas“.  You do that for each question and if people are taking the quiz they get what ever result has the most votes.

As soon as it is published you are ready to share it with the world. You get the embed code that you can use to post the quiz on your site. You can see a preview what the quiz will look like when it is embedded. Of course the quiz is also responsive so it looks stunning on any device. Even after it gets published you can always go back and edit it if you decide to make any changes. Soon as the quizzes are out in the world you can track the stats.

You can make your quiz beautiful with pictures and gifs -and your quiz can be embedded anywhere.

You can customize the background and share the images in your quiz to match your branding and you have access to analytics to check your progress.

DilogR team created a wizard that walks you these different steps when you create a personality quiz (simple):

  •  1 Quiz Title

  •  2 Background

  •  3 Personas

  •  4 Questions

  •  5 Lead Capture

  •  6 Quiz Results Page

  •  7 Social Sharing Settings

  •  8 Start Page

  •  9 Integrations

  •  10 Distribute Quiz

  •  11 Analytics

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