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How To Manage Your Interactive Image
How To Manage Your Interactive Image

An introduction to the Manage Module in DilogR

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The Manage Module appears only for Interactive Images.

It does not appear for Polls, Video Projects or Quizzes.

The Manage Module looks like this:

Title button:

  • Allows you to give your project a title

Interactions button:

  • Provides an overview of your image, and all the hotspots on it.

  • In this view, on the right is a panel that can be used to control your view:  

The plus and minus are for zooming; the arrows Fit the image to the viewing area, and the Hand allows you to drag the image around.

Image Upload button

  • Functions exactly as described.  Allows you to drag and drop, select files to upload, or you can enter the URL of an image.

Questions button

  • Allows you to add questions to your interactive image.

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