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How do I create a poll?
How do I create a poll?

Creating polls with the DilogR software

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How Do I Create a Poll?

When you start a Poll project in DilogR, the screen below is the first screen you’ll see.

The center is your “work area.”

At the top of this area there are Layout buttons that control how your poll is presented.  

  • Questions with Text Answers (only)

  • Questions with Small Images and Text Answers (think thumbnail-sized images)

  • Rating (rate this image one, two or three stars)

  • Questions with Image Answers (larger images)

  • Preview your work in mobile, tablet or computer format

  • On the right are icons for Multiple Answers or “This or That” answers.

In the work area, click on UPLOAD to use your own images.

Click SEARCH if you want to use images from your DilogR Image Library, or from Google or Pixabay.

The Left Panel:

  • Actions you can take, usually after finishing your poll.

  • The Publish button, which enables easy sharing on any website.

  • The Stats button, which shows how your quiz is performing.  This is hiding under the floating blue Save Changes button.

The Right Panel:

  • This is a context-sensitive area for customizing your poll

  • Also here are Display Settings, Vote Settings and Integrations.

Most of these items have short explanatory tips available.  Click on the question mark!

Polls are usually made of single questions.  More questions cannot be added at this time.

Learn more about how to create a poll with the video below:

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