Do you want to know your customers’  or friends opinion about your product or service? Or how much your friends liked your new office space on the scale of 1 to 5?    A rating question is a simple and visual way of rating/reviewing things.

It is a super simple way to engage your audience.

  1. Add your question

  2. Choose the shape you like most for rating and edit the settings

Shape options:  Star, Circle, Number, Heart.

Depending which shape you select the number of the selected “shape” varies.

For numbers you may select to use 1 to 10 shapes – however, you can start at 0.

For stars, circles and hearts you can choose to use any number of the selected shape between 3 and 10. In other words, you must give your users an option to choose
at least 1 to 3 stars when they give their rating (you use 3 stars).

You can also add an image or a video to your rating question to make it more appealing.

Should your question need more explanation, you can opt to add a description underneath the question.  If you feel it is necessary, you can label the rating options, for example from BAD to AMAZING.

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