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How do I assign an audio clip to my hotspot?
How do I assign an audio clip to my hotspot?

Notes on how to assign media to hotspots in a project

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If you think you can just upload for example a clip that you recorded for example with your iPhone it is not quite that simple.

And yes, you can use your iPhone to record messages – it is super easy.

However, you need an embed code from our software. You can use for example the free software called SoundCloud to get it.

You just upload your audio file and instead of sharing you choose to use the embed code option.

Note: you can record your audio with SoundCloud as well.

You post that embed code in the “hotspot edit” step.
First you select from the hotspot type “OTHER” – you will notice the text box under Caption title changes to “OTHER FREE CONTENT”.
Cope and paste your embed code there from SoundCloud (or whatever site you use)

If this is not clear enough there is a short video showing how here.

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