Terms to know when working with the DilogR platform

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Hotspot:  Hotspots are found on interactive images.  The term refers to spots a user can hover their mouse over and something pops up.  This something can be additional text, an image, video, or even audio.  The power of the DilogR system allows you to use a combination of media as well.


Interactive Image:  An image that has Hotspots on it.  These hotspots display additional information about a part of the image that a user focuses on.


Project:  DilogR offers a myriad of Project choices:  Multiple different Video Projects (chaptering, branching, hosting etc) , Webinars, Scored Quizzes (basic and advanced +), Persona/Personality Quizzes (basic and advanced+), Polls, Surveys, and Interactive Images. All are designed to increase engagement, traffic, leads and sales while capturing valuable data that makes you a more strategic marketer.

Regardless of which Project you choose, the beginning of each one follows the same steps.


Video:  The raw video files that are used within different video projects.

Video Branching:  Where the user creates their own narrative using the pieces you provide.  Also known as "Choose Your Own Adventure", branching videos ask the user questions and send them to different video clips, based on their answers.

Video Projects:  include a video, a player, and any interactive elements such as buttons and lead capture forms that you want to include on your video. Branching project included multiple video clips/

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