How to Create a Project

Creating your first project in DilogR? Start here!

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DilogR offers a myriad of Project choices: 

  •  Videos

  •  Webinars

  •  Scored Quizzes (simple and advanced)

  •  Personality/Outcome Quizzes

  •  Polls, Surveys and

  •  Interactive Images. 

All are designed to increase engagement, traffic, leads and sales while capturing valuable data that makes you a more strategic marketer.

Regardless of which Project type you choose, the beginning of each one follows the same steps.

Once you log into DilogR, you will see the screen below if you have projects created. Choose the Project you wish to start and click on the project type that you would like to create.

This procedure is very smilar for all DilogR Projects.

If you have already created a project in DilogR, you will see the following screen when you log in or click on "PROJECTS".

To start a new project from this page, click on the blue circle in the bottom right hand corner to show the different project types. You can select a new project from that list. 

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