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Video Upload Options
Video Upload Options

Options available when uploading videos to DilogR

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In the DilogR system there are “Video Projects” and there are “Videos”.

“Video projects”  include a video, a player, and any interactive elements such as buttons and lead capture forms that you want to include on your video.

“Videos” are the raw video files that are used within projects.

Once you upload a video, you can use that video in multiple video projects.

When you set up a video project there is a “Video Upload” option.

There are several ways that you can get a video into a video project.

You can:

Select a video from your previously uploaded library of videos (media library)

Upload a video from a Dropbox folder.

Upload a video directly from your computer.

Upload a video from your Amazon S3 account. 

Enter a YouTube URL to grab a video from YouTube.

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